Executive Director

Lindsay Gauvin

Lindsay Gauvin holds a Master of Science from the University of Moncton (Class of 2017) with a focus in Ecology. Lindsay has a passion for all non-living and living things and has a keen interest in public education and environmental research and monitoring. Her responsibilities include grant writing, day-to-day administration, accounting, report editing, scientific design, program development, supervision of staff, organizational networking, and community outreach planning. Lindsay is using her position as a platform to get residents of the Petitcodiac River watershed excited about the unique mosaic of ecosystems found in their backyards. This is accomplished by increasing transparency of the PWA’s work through social media, newsletters, and presentations. Lindsay can be reached at executivedirector@petitcodiacwatershed.org

Project Manager

Darlene Elward

Project Leader: Green Infrastructure

Sarah Jardine

Sarah Jardine recently graduated from the University of New Brunswick with a bachelor’s degree in Science, majoring in Environmental Management. She is the Project Leader of the Water Guardian Project, developing tools and strategies for better water conservation and management throughout the Greater Moncton area. She is passionate about the earth, with interests in climate change, sustainability, and waste reduction. She loves spending time outside, and her knowledge of fauna and flora is constantly growing through personal and professional development. She is excited to be a part of the PWA team and couldn’t have asked for a more fulfilling position in her community.

Project Leader: Broken Brooks

Shane Boyd

Shane Boyd is the Project Leader of our Broken Brooks program. Having a passion for the environment, he graduated from Mount Allison University in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree, majoring in environmental science and minoring in biology and astronomy. Two years later, he went on to get a community college diploma in electronic engineering technology, majoring in alternate energy systems. Shane enjoys meeting and working with new people who also take an interest in environmental topics. His goal is to help improve the environment in the Petitcodiac watershed through remediation projects and educational outreach. Currently, he is working on the Broken Brooks project with the summer students, performing culvert assessments in the Hall’s Creek watershed and remediating rivers where culverts prevent fish from migrating upstream to more suitable waters.

Past Staff

Lauren Farley – Past Broken Brooks/Water Quality Project Assistant

Taylor Wood – Past Broken Brooks Project Assistant

Brittany Cormier – Past Nature Interpretation Program Project Assistant

Claire Barnes -Past Nature Interpretation Program Project Assistant

Jenna MacQuarrie – Past Project Manager: Water Quality Monitoring, Microbiology Lab, Health & Safety

Emily Piggott – Past Project Manager: Water Quality Monitoring, Microbiology Lab, Health & Safety

Theresa Johnston – Past Project Leader: Broken Brooks & Atlantic Canadian Culvert Assessment Toolkit

Mariah Robichaud – Past Project Leader: Waste Warriors Program and Project Assistant of the Wood Turtle

Abbie Gail Jones – Past Project Assistant

Sarah Dale – Past Project Assistant

Bryan Gallant – Past Broken Brooks Project Assistant

Ryan Furlotte – Past Broken Brooks and Wood Turtle Monitoring & Videography Project Assistant

Andrew Downey – Past Project Leader of the Wood Turtle Monitoring, Outreach & Education, Videography

Laura Windhorst – Past Project Leader of the Local Ecological Knowledge Project

Matthew Vickruck – Past Fish Population Monitoring & Urban Biodiversity Enhancement Field Technician

Holly MacDonald – Past Graphic Design Coordinator

Celine Leblanc – Past Translation Coordinator

Julie Hatcher – Past Broken Brooks, Species-at-Risk Monitoring and Volunteer Program Development Project Assistant

Will Bauer – Past Broken Brooks Project Assistant

Courtney Smith – Past Project Leader of the Wood Turtle Monitoring and Stewardship Program

Alex Miller – Past Petitcodiac Fish Recovery Coalition project assistant. He is also a member of the North American Youth Parliament for Water.

Kyle Morand – Pas Water Quality & Storm Water Management Project Assistant

Christine Gilroy – Past Project Leader, she is pursuing a Master’s degree studying Atlantic Sturgeon.

Monik Richard – Past ED, now works as Senior Biologist with Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Susan Linkletter – Past Manager, now pursues full time organic agricultural endeavours in Salisbury, NB

These staff were all amazing- each in their own way. They went above and beyond, and helped shape the gregarious and supportive atmosphere in the PWA offices. We will certainly miss you guys, but we look forward to seeing where your careers take you. Keep in touch!