Over the eight-year span of the Broken Brooks Project, 369 detailed culvert assessments have been completed, and our studies demonstrate that 67.5% of these crossings are either a partial or full barrier to fish passage. Although cost-effective in comparison to other road-watercourse crossings, the environmental impact of these barrier culverts equates to over 500 km of aquatic habitat that is lost or inaccessible to migrating fish species within the Petitcodiac River watershed. The objective of the Broken Brooks project remains to facilitate fish passage through culverts assessed as barriers, therefore increasing the quantity of aquatic habitat available throughout the Petitcodiac River watershed. We continue to improve upstream access using remedial strategies such as rock weirs, outflow chutes, and debris removals. To date, we have restored over 100 Km of upstream habitat.


Outflow Chute was building in fall of 2019 in Elgin

Fish passage through culvert Rock weirs was building in fall of 2020 in Moncton

Before debris removals

After debris removals