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 Anagance River 

Principal Land Uses

Total area: 81,31 km▓


Woodland: 54,84 km▓


Wetlands: 4,27 km▓


Recreation: 5,77 km▓


Anagance River is located in the western most part of the Petitcodiac River watershed. Its watershed size is 81 km2. This river is best described as being slow moving with a sandy/silt bottom. The major portion of the Anagance River watershed is forested. With this in mind, the main land use activity in this watershed is forestry. In the past few years, forestry actitivites have been more and more common near the headwaters west of Anagance. A few private dwellings are scattered thoughout the watershed, and no noticeable industrial activitites are present in the area.

The main water quality influences in the Anagance River watershed come from natural sources (see table below). For example, boggy areas along the river affect the water quality in a natural way. In conclusion, this watershed is a good example of what headwaters should look like in a typical river system.

Hayward Brook and Holmes Brook which are tributaries of the Anagance have been the focus of numerous studies done by Enviroment Canada and J.D. Irving Limited in collabration with the Fundy Model Forest. These studies looked at the effects of forestry activities on aquatic ecosystems.

Water quality highlights for Anagance River


Principle Water Quality Influences
Water test highlights 1997-2001

Above Route 895 Bridge (PWMG 1)

Forestry, Bogs

Cadmium, E-Coli, Manganese, Total Kjeldahl nitrogen, Total organic carbon

Above Confluence (PWMG 2 & PWMG 50)

Forestry, Bogs

Cadmium, E-Coli, Iron

Recommended preliminary classification:

Class A: All of Anagance River

Recommended actions:

>> promote best management practices for all future and current forestry operations;
>> promote the concept "keep clean water clean" (public education);
>> reduce and eventually phase out the use of cosmetic pesticides.


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