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 Memramcook South 

The South Branch Memramcook River is situated in the upper part of the Memramcook River Watershed. The South Branch Memramcook River watershed covers an area of approximately 12km▓.

Physical Habitat
The physical habitat of the South Branch Memramcook River in its upper section is characterized by an important forest cover. Several section of the creek are partially obstructed by heaps of branches. Furthermore, a beaver dam is the cause of an important pond near Aboujagane Road. Considering the important forest cover, a great quantity of organic matter is present on the bed of the water course, giving the water a colored aspect (humic acid). Finally, the water course has a generally low flow. . We must note that the dense vegetation in the water course kept us from continuing the walk through it.

Possible pollution sources

Aside from the yellow tinge of the water, as well as a certain odor of decomposition due to the great amount of organic matter present, we did observe any other important signs of disruption. The presence of human activity seems very restraint in this sector.

Water Quality
The samples taken on the South Branch Memramcook River (2002) seem to indicate a very good water quality. In fact, the average E-Coli rate was of 42.22 MPN/100 mL and the average dissolved oxygen rate was of 7.46 mg/L. However, the values relating to total organic carbon are superior (between 19 and 24 mg/L) to the standards suggested by the Department of Environment and Local Governments (less than 10 mg/L), but it seems to be from natural origins. By taking in consideration these rates, as well as the minimal impact of human activity in this sector, the state of the South Branch Memramcook River seems to command the class A. Finally, it seems that the local community agrees with this recommendation and that it will take part in maintaining the water quality of the South Branch Memramcook River.

Water Quality Highlights of the South Branch Memramcook River.


Principal water quality influences

Water quality highlights 1997-2001

South Branch at Aboujagane Road
(PWMG 72)

Natural Conditions

Aluminum, Cadmium**, Chromium, Color, Dissolved Oxygen, E-coli, Iron, Hardness, Total Organic Carbon

**Given that the level of detection of Cadmium is superior to Canadian standards relative to water quality, Cadmium appears in the highlights when detected, but is not generally in any way

Recommended Preliminary Classification

Class A : upstream of PWMG 72

Recommended Actions

>> Maintain intact river zones during future forest cuts.

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