The Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance works to protect and restore the health of the watersheds flowing into the Shepody Bay, in Southeastern New Brunswick. These unceded lands cover part of the Siknikt district of Mi’kma’ki.

A watershed is the region covered by all the tributaries and surrounding drainage lands of a body of water.

Blow out the candles! 2023 marks twenty-five years of incorporation for the Petitcodiac Water Monitoring Group (PWMG), which later became the Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance!

In 1998, this organization was incorporated to monitor the health of our watershed, and eventually became one of the driving forces in its remediation.

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What we do here in the watershed

Common Milkweed

Asclepias syriaca

Water quality monitoring, environmental improvement & assessment, and education & outreach are just a part of what we do here!

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Sea lamprey

Petromyzon marinus