What is this policy?

This document provides information on when, how, and why we collect personal information about people who visit our website that might be required for our participation in our projects, the purchase of items or tickets, to make donations or as requests for information. As a volunteer organization we do our best to keep this information secure within our technical and financial capabilities as well as to explain your rights regarding access or removal of your personal information following a request by email, phone or in person. As part of our regular review of all of our policies and procedures, we may change this Privacy Policy from time to time without notice to you. A current version of this Privacy Policy will be accessible on our website at all times.

By accessing and using our site you agree that you have read and understand this Privacy Policy. Your use of this site represents your implied consent for the collection, use and disclosure of any information that you provide to us, or that we gather from you, through your use of the site and in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Who are we?

The Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance (PWA) is a not-for-profit charitable organization located in Moncton, New Brunswick Canada and was founded in 1997. Its mandate is to protect, conserve and restore habitat with the Petitcodiac Watershed and to provide information and education on our local natural environment. We are located at:

236 St. George Street, Suite 405

Moncton, New Brunswick, E1C 1W1

We can be reached by phone: (506) 384-3369 or

Email: info@petitcodiacwatershed.org.

How and when we collect personal information

We collect personal information that you provide when you contact us, interact with us, or

use our website. This can include when you sign up for an event, make a donation to us, or when you take part in one of our projects. We collect small pieces of information called cookies when you are using our website, to help us ensure we are providing the best possible experience for users. Please see the section on ‘Cookies’ below for more details. If you are aged 16 or under, you must have your parent or guardian’s permission before you provide us with your personal information. Unless you have their consent, do not give us your information.

We collect personal information in a number of ways which include:

– When you use our website or a third-party website (PayPal) to make a donation or purchase,

– When you use our website or a third-party website to sign up for a mailing list, complete a survey or book tickets/attendance for an event,

– When you call us by phone to make a donation, inquire about forthcoming projects, or take part in one of our projects,

– When you contact us by mail, such as when you submit a donation form, return a contact form, or return a sign-up form to take part in one of our projects.

Where we are working with children for example on one of our school projects, we might need to collect additional information from the school or from a parent/guardian including, but not limited to: medical details (example: severe allergies to insect bites, plants, nuts, etc.) and other special requirements that might be of importance. This information will be used by our staff to keep participants safe as well as providing the best possible experience within our means. This information may be passed to emergency services for use should any emergency situation arise. Where we need to collect this information in respect of children, we will always ask schools to ensure they have consent from parents or guardians to provide the information and consent to its use for the purposes described. It may be necessary to share this information with some of our partner organizations who participate in project delivery, but that will not be done without your knowledge or permission.

The types of personal information we collect

We collect and store personal information from you when we are required to do so, such

as to fulfill a contract you have with us; and when you’ve opted to give it to us, such as to

be kept informed about our work by email newsletters if such are provided.

The following list of information is data we gather directly from you through this website,

over the phone or by mail, or through third party processors such as MailChimp or PayPal, which is usually collected when you make a donation, sign up to our mailing list, or interact with us:

– Your title if relevant, name, and date of birth

– Your postal address and/or billing address

– Your email address and phone number

– Your current professional interests or activities which may be related to PWA

We will also collect and hold details of any contact you have with us as or as a supporter of PWA, which may contain details of:

– contact preferences;

– your age;

– event registration, attendance, or ticket purchases;

– gifts and donation information;

– details of correspondence sent to you and received from you by email, post, and over the phone;

– donor status and donation assessment information;

– where relevant, selected media coverage concerning you, such as interviews (if you are an artist or partner who worked with us on a project);

– where relevant, information accessed through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (only where you have given permission for this to happen);

– any other information provided by yourself, at the request of PWA.

Some of the information which we collect from you, or a third party may constitute

sensitive personal data, for example data collected from a school or a parent/guardian

when signing up a child to take part in one of our education projects. We will only ever

use this in accordance with this policy and shall maintain strict and necessary measures to

protect this information and its confidentiality.

Taking part in one of our education projects

When an individual, a school, or a parent/guardian signs themselves or a child up to take

part in a project, the info provided will be used solely for the specific project that they are

participating in PWA will securely hold and process the data provided to us for the

purposes of joining the project, in accordance with this privacy policy, and future

communication will be carried out with the person or organization who provides us with

the data. For example, PWA will communicate solely with the school who represents a

class of pupils taking part in an education project, rather than with the parents or children


When joining a PWA project, we will securely hold and process the data provided for

the purposes of your/your child’s involvement in this project, to enable us to plan and

deliver the best educational experience, and, in extreme circumstances, to

ensure the safety of all participants, and to contact parents/guardians in case of an


If you are accepted onto the project, we will use the details provided for your/your child’s

involvement as detailed below. After the project has ended and there is no longer a

requirement to hold and process the data provided by you, we will delete this personal

data within twelve months of your last engagement with PWA, retaining a minimum

level of information necessary for our administrative records to meet legal requirements.

Please note that for certain projects it may be necessary to share information with third

parties for a given project. With the participants knowledge and consent from a parent/guardian, obtained by the school, necessary data will be shared securely with relevant partner organizations when planning projects, such as to ensure that specific needs are catered for. Anonymized data may be shared for use in funding applications, reporting, and evaluation.

What we do with your information

For our relationships with donors and funders, we generally rely on consent and will use your most recent contact preferences to ensure we contact you only when you have asked us to, and in the ways you have told us to do so. Occasionally, we may use legitimate interests to contact you by

email or mail with relevant information, unless you have told us not to.

The purposes for which your personal data may be used includes the following:

– To fulfill a contract we have made with you, such as completing an order or reservation

made online, including sending payment receipts and order updates.

– To send you promotional information by electronic means, when you have previously given you consent. These types of communications can include:

– Informing you of other services or events related to PWA’s work, such as forthcoming projects, upcoming events, or special offers.

– News and updates about PWA and our charitable values, such as via email, newsletters, and supporter e-newsletters where you have given consent.

– Information on our fundraising activity, including requests to consider giving financial support to PWA, such as through ongoing or specific project appeals, or to ask you to consider supporting us in other ways.

– Invitations to special events.

– Other relevant third-party communications, such as releases or news about past partners and based upon your past and on-going relationship with PWA and where we have your permission to do so.

There are some essential donation and transaction communications that are required

to send to you, regardless of your contact preferences. This would include donation receipts and thank you letters, renewal reminders where applicable and confirmation letters. If you have told us you do not wish to be contacted, these are the only communications we will have with you. You will not receive any newsletters we might produce or event invitations unless you update your communication preferences.


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