Weldon Creek is located near the Village of Hillsborough in Albert County. It has a drainage area of 89 km². Like Mill Creek, the lower part of this system is affected by tide twice a day. The physical habitat in this area is similar to the shores of the Petitcodiac River. Approximately 1-2 km upstream from the confluence, the substrate is composed of mostly rocks and gravel. The geology of Weldon Creek is different from other rivers and creeks that we’ve described, with protrusions of red sandstone throughout the stream’s bottom and the cilffs that border the edge of the creek.

Activities within the lower and middle parts of this watershed are minimal, with a few hobby farms, small-scale forestry operations and a few private dwellings. The upper part of the watershed is forested and seems to be void of forestry activities.

Recommended Preliminary Classification
Class A: for all of Weldon Creek