Freshwater Mussels

2018 was the first year of the Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance Freshwater Mussels program, to assess the populations of various mussel species found in the Petitcodiac watershed. It has been almost two decades since a survey was completed in the region to monitor the change in population of local freshwater mussel species, and we hope to find thriving biodiverse habitats.

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Download the 2018 Freshwater Mussels Report

Green Infrastructure

After a brief hiatus, Green Infrastructure (GI) projects were restored at the PWA in 2018 to help the local communities of the Petitcodiac & Memramcook watersheds to adapt to climate change impacts through the use of natural and nature-based infrastructure and rainwater harvesting. Through expanding GI in this region, the PWA seeks to reduce pollution and urban stormwater run-off from negatively impacting urban streams and habitats.

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Water Quality Monitoring

Every year, the Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance monitors water quality throughout the Petitcodiac & Memramcook River watersheds. Historical data was analyzed starting in 2018, providing a longer term picture of the health of the watersheds.

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Culvert Assessment Program

The Broken Brooks project is in its eighth year assessing culverts for fish passage in the Petitcodiac and Memramcook River watersheds. A broken or insufficiently designed culvert can act as a barrier to several kilometres of upstream fish habitat, reducing reproductive success.

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Atlantic Canada Culvert Assessment Toolkit

ACCAT Barrier Classification Criteria
ACCAT Field Equipment Checklist
ACCAT Watercourse Crossing Datasheet

Fish Passage Improvement

Rock Weir Calculations and instructions
Rock Weir Maintenance

Waste Warriors

This project was created to increase environmental awareness of the impact of plastic waste on our environment.

Download the 2017 Waste Warriors Report

80 Million Birds

This project was initiated to increase awareness of the impact of outdoor cats on local wildlife, such as songbirds while providing a new solution to outdoor cat owners in an effort to reduce bird mortality by cats in our watershed.

Download the 80 Million Birds Report

Wood Turtle Monitoring Project

We undertook the first-ever formal study of Wood Turtles in the Petitcodiac River watershed. This species is in decline due strictly to human activity and development, and before this study, its population status within our watershed was unknown.

Download the 2015 Wood Turtle Monitoring & Stewardship Report

Pollett River Assessment

The Pollett River is a river that is located between the village of Elgin and Salisbury. This watercourse has a watershed area of 314 km2. Almost 50% of the area in this watershed is made up of woodlots. A large percentage of forest is still intact, and this watershed has a number of unique features.

Download the Pollett River Habitat Assessment

Little River Habitat Assessment

Little River, formerly known as Coverdale River, is located south of the Village of Salisbury. The Little River is a sub-watershed unit comprised of Little River, Pow Brook, Leaman Brook, Prosser Brook, Upham Brook, and East Branch Little River, having a drainage area of 276 km2.

Download the Little River Habitat Assessment

Jonathan Creek Environmental Monitoring

The Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance (PWA) in partnership with the City of Moncton and the Jonathan Creek Committee, have been working to restore the Ryan Rd branch of Jonathan Creek. Restoration efforts will include the repair and re-sloping of severely eroding banks, and restoration of the buffer zone along a 750m section of the branch.

Download the Jonathan Creek Report 2013
Download the Environmental Monitoring Report 2011
Download the Jonathan Creek Culvert Inventory 2007
Download the Jonathan Creek Restoration Report 2005

Older Publications

Water Quality Monitoring Program

PWA Water Quality Report 2017
PWA Water Quality Report 2016
PWA Water Quality Report 2015
PWA Water Quality Report 2014
PWA Water Quality Report 2013
PWA Water Quality Report 2012
PWA Water Quality Report 2011
PWA Water Quality Report 2010
PWA Water Quality Report 2009
PWA Water Quality Report 2008
PWA Water Quality Report 2007
PWA Water Quality Report 2006
PWA Water Quality Report 2005
PWA Memramcook Water Quality Report 1997-2002
PWA E.coli 2013
PWA E.coli 2012
PWA E.coli 2011
PWA Water Quality Indicator 2008
PWA Hydrological and Water Quality Assessment Petitcodiac River 2001
PWA Summary of water quality analyses 2001

Culvert Assessment Program

Broken Brooks 2017
Broken Brooks 2015-2016
Broken Brooks 2014

Fish Trap Monitoring Reports

PWA Striped Bass Final Report 2013

Habitat Assessments

Rabbit Brook Habitat Assessment 2005
Mapleton Park Stream Habitat Assessment 2005
Stream Fencing Report 2004
Halls Creek Watershed – A Description of Natural and Human Influences 2002
Investigating the effects of combined sewage overflows in the Halls Creek Watershed
Petitcodiac Water Classification Report 1997-2001

Invasive Species

Invasive Species (Plants and Fungii)
Invasive Species (Insects)
Invasive Species (Fish, Birds, and others)