Since 1997, the PWA has been monitoring water quality throughout the Petitcodiac watershed to gauge the health of our local ecosystem. In the beginning, water quality was monitored on 7 sites by using 3 parameters (Dissolved Oxygen, E.coli, Temperature) and since then the PWA has expanded to monitor 21 different sites with 11 parameters from May to October. These parameters include water temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity, turbidity, salinity, total dissolved solids, nitrates, phosphates, total coliform, and E. coli bacteria. We continue to conduct water quality monitoring throughout the winter at 7 sites in the Memramcook River watershed using these same 11 parameters. The following graphs are a visualization of the PWA water quality data stored on Atlantic Datastream. The dataset is available to view or download on the Atlantic Datastream website.

During 2021, the PWA calculated a water quality index (WQI) for all 21 established water quality monitoring sites, which you can see below. For the final detailed summary of our water quality results from the 2021 field season, please see our Publications page.

Anagance River

Site Name: Anagance River @ Mill Rd in Petitcodiac
Site Code: AR
Coordinates: 45.92708, -65.18762

Breau Creek

Site Name: Breau Creek @ Palmer Rd.
Site Code: BC
Coordinates: 45.96903, -64.51883

Fox Creek

Site Name: Fox Creek @ Amirault St.
Site Code: FC
Coordinates: 46.06271, -64.70600

Hall’s Creek North

Site Name: Hall’s Creek North @ McLaughlin Rd.
Site code: HCn
Site Coordinates: 46.12934, -64.79575

Hall’s Creek West

Site Name: Hall’s Creek West @ Mapleton Park
Site code: HCw
Coordinates: 46.12866, -64.85694

Humphrey’s Brook

Site Name: Humphrey’s Brook @ Mill Rd. in Moncton
Site Code: HB
Coordinates: 46.11036, -64.76589

Irishtown Nature Park

Site Name: Irishtown Nature Park @ Spillway
Site code: IR
Coordinates: 46.14392, -64.76916

Jonathan Creek

Site name: Jonathan Creek @ Centennial Park Pond
Site Code: JC
Coordinates: 46.08711, -64.81753

Little River

Site Name: Little River @ Route 112
Site code: LR
Coordinates: 46.02059, -65.02326

Meadow Brook

Site Name: Meadow Brook @ Route 132
Site Code: MdB
Coordinates:46.09829, -64.58731

Memramcook River Lower

Site Name: Memramcook River Lower @ highway of Heroes
Site Code: MemL
Coordinates:46.04638, -64.56722

Memramcook River South Branch

Site Name: Memramcook River South Branch @ Aboujagane Road
Site Code: MemS
Coordinates:46.043615, -64.47344

Memramcook River Upper

Site Name: Memramcook River Upper @ Aboujagane Road
Site Code: MemU
Coordinates:46.071201, -64.446735

Michael’s Brook

Site Name: Michael’s Brook @ Midway Dr on Salisbury Road
Site Code: MB
Coordinates: 46.06984, -64.83864

Mill Creek

Site name: Mill Creek below Navy Dam
Site code: MC
Coordinates: 46.0603, -64.75855

North River

Site Name: North River @ Intervale Rd. in Havelock
Site Code: NR
Coordinates: 45.96141, -65.19879

Petitcodiac River upper

Site name: Petitcodiac River upper
Site code: PRu
Coordinates: N 46.02184°, W -65.03389°

Pollett River

Site name: Pollett River @ Powers Pitt Rd.
Site code: PoR
Coordinates:45.99566, -65.0907

Rabbit Brook

Site Name: Rabbit Brook @ Karen Dr. in Moncton
Site Code: RB
Coordinates: 46.11206, -64.82046

Smith Creek

Site Name: Smith Creek @ Rue Sifroid
Site Code: SmC
Coordinates:46.02667, -64.58583

Stony Creek

Site Name: Stony Creek @ rue Renaissance
Site Code: StC
Coordinates: 46.0437, -64.56017

Swim Guide

Alongside these 21 sites, 6 Swim Guide sites were monitored for E. coli bacteria from June to September with results updated on the Swim Guide website each month (link below).

Folly Lake

This lake is a popular recreational area, located between the City of Dieppe and Village of Memramcook. It is located on the side of Route La Vallée, and people often swim, fish, and boat in this area.

Gordon Falls

Gordon Falls is one of the most popularized swimming holes in Albert County, New Brunswick. People often frequent this area to spend the day jumping off the rock cliffs into the pools below.

Hopper Hole

Hopper Hole is a popular swimming hole for individuals in this area of south-eastern New Brunswick. It has a rope swing, as well as a sandy beach which can be driven up to. It can be found off of John Hopper Rd. in Colpitt’s Settlement.

Irishtown Nature Park

  • Secondary contact recreation only (canoeing, kayaking)
  • Primary contact Recreation not recommended (swimming, stand up paddle-boarding, etc.)

Jones Lake

  • Secondary contact recreation only (canoeing, kayaking)
  • Primary contact Recreation not recommended (swimming, stand up paddle-boarding, etc.)

Pollett River Swimming Hole

This site is frequently used for recreational activities, such as swimming, fishing and boating. It is located between the village of Salisbury and the village of Petitcodiac on the Powers Pit Rd after the covered bridge on the left-hand side.

Temperature logger

Since 2018, The PWA been installing temperature loggers in the urban streams of the tri-community area of Moncton, Dieppe, and Riverview at 20 predetermined sites to monitor temperature changes from summer to fall months.