Make a difference 

As a resident or visitor of our watershed, you can also help our local and global biodiversity!

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Below is a list of links you can follow to make a difference.

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Our active programs

– Observe and document the nature around you and contribute to citizen science

Care for a more natural yard where your plants can establish deeper roots that help prevent stormwater runoff, and early blooms support essential pollinator populations. 

Painted Lady, Joe-Pye Weed

Vanessa carduiEutrochium maculatum

Other links and ideas

Reduce your carbon footprint (GNB Calculator)

– Ask your elected officials for meaningful action towards climate change and pollution control in your jurisdiction

Members of Parliament

Members of the Legislative Assembly 

– Grow the right species of plants, as native as possible, where they fit best

Natural Edge (Watersheds Canada) native plant database

NB Invasive Species PlantWise

– Protect riparian zones around waterways by maintaining the provincially regulated 30m buffer zone.

 – Spread the word among your neighbours, coworkers, family, and friends.