A tributary of the Petitcodiac River

Anagance River

(From Wolastoqey : Oo-ne-gunce*)

*Ganong, W. F., 1896

The Anagance River drains an area of 81 km2 in the westernmost area of the watershed. It originates in Anagance, ending in the Village of Petitcodiac where it joins the North River and Holms brook to form the beginning of the Petitcodiac River at this point.

The Anagance River is characterized as a slow moving river with a sand and silt substrate. Land-use within the Anagance River’s sub-watershed is relatively undeveloped, however, forestry practices are becoming more commonplace, particularly in areas surrounding the headwaters. A few private dwellings are scattered throughout the watershed, and no noticeable industrial activities are present in the area. The main water quality influences in the Anagance River watershed come from natural sources, for example, boggy areas along the river which contribute to the chemistry of the water.

An important feature of the Anagance River are the wetlands that surround much of its reaches. These wetlands are vital to the health of the river and its surrounding tributaries. Wetlands act as a natural buffer to overland run-off and help to improve the quality of run-off water. These natural wetlands and the areas around them need to be protected in order to maintain their function, and citizens should be made aware of their importance to the environment and the health of local watercourses.

Hayward Brook and Holmes Brook, which are tributaries of the Anagance River, have been the focus of numerous studies done by Environment Canada and J.D. Irving Limited, in collaboration with the Fundy Model Forest. These studies looked at the effects of forestry activities on aquatic ecosystems.

Water quality site name: Anagance River @ Mill Rd in Petitcodiac
Site code: AR
Coordinates: 45.92708, -65.18762

Anagance River