Little River is located south of the Village of Salisbury and has a sub-watershed area of 276 km². 

Sections of Little River above Colpitt’s Settlement are mostly forested with moderate logging activities. The area below Colpitt’s Settlement is characterized by some agricultural activities, which are most likely contributing to the stream health issues noted along the Little River. Land use practices in these areas are often conducted to the river’s edge, leaving no riparian buffer to protect the soils. These areas contribute to higher levels of sedimentation from erosion as well as higher total, and fecal, bacterial counts due to overland runoff.

With the exception of during and immediately following heavy rainfall events, the Little River displays relatively consistent, healthy water quality, which is evidenced by the use of this watercourse for the release of adult and juvenile Atlantic salmon by the Atlantic Salmon Hatchery and Fort Folly Habitat Recovery over the last 3 years. Electrofishing efforts in the Little River during the summer of 2014 resulted in the capture of 49 Atlantic salmon, a positive indicator of restocking efforts in the river.

Water quality site name: Little River @ Route 112
Site code: LR
Coordinates: 46.02059, -65.02326

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