A tributary of the Petitcodiac River


(Mi’gmaq : Man-oo-saak*)

*Ganong, W. F., 1896

The Pollett River is located between the Villages of Elgin and Salisbury. This system has a watershed area of 314 km2. Approximately 50% of the watershed is made up of woodlots. The major activity in this watershed is forestry mixed with light agriculture. Cottages and private dwellings also border the Pollett.

This river system encompasses the most pristine terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems in the entire Petitcodiac River watershed. The uniqueness of this watershed has captured the interest of the Fundy Model Forest and other groups, which carry out different studies on woodlot management and practices as well as maintaining sustainable wildlife habitat within the watershed. The Pollett River sub-watershed is a perfect example of how moderate development can proceed without negatively affecting the aquatic ecosystem of a region.

This River system is also home to the annual Pollett River Run, which is a large source of pollution in the form of littering and rutting of the soil. The PWA has begun an annual Pollett River Clean-up, which takes place shortly after the event, to remove any trash and numerous rafts which are left behind by the attendees. Through this, the PWA hopes to allow the Pollett River to remain a source of joyful eco-tourism, while maintaining the ecological integrity of the River.

Water quality site name: Pollett River @ Powers Pitt Rd.
Site code: PoR
Coordinates: 45.99566, -65.0907