The Shepody River and its bay

(From Mi’gmaq)



*Ganong, W. F., 1896

The Shepody River, together with the South Channel of the Shepody Bay, has a drainage area of 600 km².

The Shepody Bay goes from the mouth of the Petitcodiac and Memramcook Rivers at Beaumont, all the way to its southern reaches delimited by Mary’s Point, Grindstone Island and Cape Maringouin. This bay constitutes, with the Minas Basin, two of the places in the Bay of Fundy where the tide is the highest, as the reverberation of the tides reach their peak. This can be witnessed at Hopewell Rocks, a popular tourist attraction packed with local legends.

The river, also called Shepody, runs through the village of Riverside-Albert, nature preserves, and agricultural fields.