Consulting local stakeholders

Environmental Assessment

We offer environmental assessment services to gain a better understanding of wetland ecosystems. This helps our clients make informed decisions about development and environmental protection.

Wetland delineation 

The PWA offers wetland consulting services which include wetland identification and delineation. Wetland delineation is the process of confirming the location and boundaries of a wetland on the ground to determine if any restrictions or permits apply. A watercourse and wetland alteration (WAWA) permit is required for any proposed alteration in or within 30 meters of a wetland or watercourse. Applicable projects include vegetation removal, excavation, grading, the addition of fill, the construction of any structure, patio or boardwalk, septic tank and field installation, road or driveway construction, landscaping and more. For more information or to book a consultation, contact us

Wetland Ecosystem Services Protocol – Atlantic Canada (WESP-AC)

The WESP-AC model is a standardized method for assessing some important natural functions of wetlands in Canada. Some of these key functions include storm surge reduction, water purification, fish habitat, biodiversity, and more. The information generated by this process helps inform decisions regarding minimizing impacts to wetlands. The WESP-AC model can also be used alongside other tools to monitor wetland restoration projects and to help assure that wetland restoration efforts offset the loss of specific functions and benefits in other wetlands. If you are interested in this kind of assessment, contact us.